Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gmail New Drag and Drop Labels

[1]If you sudden find that one of your Label Missing here how to find it.

  1. Click xxx more then from drop down menu you will find your missing label  see the image below.
  2. To show your Label again click Manage your Labels. this will open your Label tab in your gmail setting.
  3. you can click show or hide any Label or System Label except your Inbox Label
  4. All of these changes also mean the end of Right-side Labels, an experimental Gmail Labs feature. This is the first Labs feature we're retiring. (The idea behind Labs was always that things could break or disappear at any time or they might work so well that they become regular features. More on that soon...) Now that labels aren't in their own little box and take up much less space, moving them around the screen didn't seem as important. We realize quite a few of you used and liked Right-side Labels, so if you feel strapped for left nav screen real estate without it, try turning on Right-side Chat in Labs instead.